Yes, the beauty of my pomegranate ( anar) tree also persists at night time.

Here is the brief history of pomegranate in Islam which help you to understand that sufi poetry I mentioned below. There is a lot of admirations for pomegranates in Islam. It linked with eternity and fertility and it is among the list of 12 foods mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The pomegranate which laterally means ” seeded apple” is an ancient fruit and it is mentioned three times in The Quran Majeed.

It is stated in Surah Rehman, “In them are fruits (of all kinds), and dates and pomegranate.Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny? “ [55:68-69]

It is also reported that one who eats three pomegranate in the course of a year will be inoculated against ophthalmia( inflammation of the eye) for that year. Its the fruit of Paradise and traditionally, it was believed to be important to eat every seed of a pomegranate, as one can’t be sure, which aril came from paradise.
The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)said it cleanses you of Satan and evil aspirations for forty days. ” Eat the pomegranate for it purges the system of envy and hatred.
Similarly, Hazrat Ali( R.A.) said that “the light of ALLAH is in the heart of whoever eats pomegranate.”

Pomegranates, Sufi Poetry from Pakistan:

Pomegranates, when they sing
It is sweet as rosy-nosed apples
Pears, hale and hearty
Like my grandma’s songs

May you live as the angels
Forever, like the pomegranates
That never die, unlike the
Dead that never come to life

And – when they smile
The pomegranates, it is like
No weather you know on earth
It is eternally the cloud

The perfect cloud with exactly
The kind of sunshine you saw in
Your picture book as a kid
With a rainbow

And it never feels hot or cold again
So forget the crude, vulgar types
The jokeless
It rains only when you want it to rain

Say, I am the richest, most famous
I’m the best I’m the best
I am I am
God is staying on earth tonight

Forget the cunt charmers
The heartless
Stinky beasts, smelly genitalia
It is crystal clear

God is staying on earth tonight
So He told me
Amidst the pomegranates
Everywhere at the same time

Pomegranates never die
They are roses in my grandmother’s
Where God lives

Prepared for banquets
For householders of the garden
Of spring followed by spring followed by spring
It is God’s kitchen

Where we are children
Sustained, without fire dwellers
Frozen in time, never to progress
Through God’s freezers of fire

The genitalia people
Frozen in time, smelling their genitals
And – we throw at ‘em rotten pomegranates

The fungus ones
Our diseases of old times covering their lips
Their wishes
The dirty freaks

But we have slept well
Now we only remember joy of all time
It is pomegranate time
He loves me


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