Sometimes it is so difficult to give an appropriate title to a post that I reluctantly write.

The draft session of my blog is full of unfinished stories. I am currently writing about the ancient banyan trees of old Clifton. My speed is slow. I can be easily distracted by thousands of things in my surroundings.

I am also getting timely inspiration from Quora groups. There’s recently in Quora I happened to stumble upon a question that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The question was unique in that sense it was about a beautiful garden…

In a beautiful garden, there is a lonely tree that produces very tasty fruit. Can you guess the fruit?

That’s a very poetic question and the person who asked this also happens to give a stunning explanation.

Here’s a screenshot that I manage to take for reviewing it here.

A pomegrante tree illustration by Walter Crane

I am not good at narrating a story but my quick response was something like…

If I have to illustrate a garden where there is only a lonely tree that tastes heavenly then I would like to take you back to my childhood days where I have left so many memories of beautiful trees behind.

Here, I would like to mention that I am from a South Asian background. And the climate was very hot where I used to live.

This means there was plenty of sunlight and the soil was also good in those old times. In summer with the arrival of the monsoon season, it used to rain a lot continuously for days. (Plenty of water as well)

We used to have a small garden in our house. My father is an ardent lover of fruit trees and he used to plant a variety of plants and vegetables in our old house.

There was right in the middle of our courtyard lies a lonely tree. Sometimes it came into my dreams and put me in a nostalgic state for days. It was a white variety of the pomegranate tree. They tasted very sweet and juicy. It was a very tall and shady tree.

Birds of all kinds were regular visitors of that tree. I remembered a pair of parrots frequently visiting this tree. Not to forget about bees with their buzzing sounds always defending their territory. They had built a hive there and considered the pomegranate tree as their home. I dread to go near that tree because of them. I was just a little school girl back then.

It was lonely in that sense there were no other pomegranate trees nearby to give him company.

Life goes on and we moved to another house but the love for pomegranate trees never dies. We also planted a pair of pomegranates in our new house. Hope I didn’t bore you lol.

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading and enjoying this post.

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Quora post

Pomegranate illustration

Walter Crane
A Pomegranate Tree. Verso: Fragmentary sketches of two figures
Watercolor and opaque watercolor, over black chalk, on paper; verso: black chalk.

16 thoughts on “Today I read: About a beautiful garden

  1. Loved it 💖
    And the lonely pomegranate also teaches us the lesson of humility and submission before Almighty Allah. Having a crown at its head, it always remains in prostration, while other fruits always keep their heads up 😊
    A fruit of heaven with great lessons ❤


      1. It was a beautiful post Rabia💖
        You may repost it.
        Just remembered the beautiful story of pomegranate related with Hazrat Fatima (RA) when she asked Imam Ali to get her a pomegranate. It wasn’t the season of pomegranate, but a jew family had some. Imam Ali got one which was really expensive, but on his way to home he happened to meet a needy person who was hungry and Imam Ali (RA) served him the only pomegranate he had that time. He was reluctant to go home empty handed, but he had to face it. When he came home Hazrat Fatima (RA) thanked him and told that Pomegranates are really sweet and tasty. He was shocked as he didn’t send any pomegranate home. Then Bibi Fatima (RA) showed him the platter filled with pomegranate and told him that a man came with this platter and said that you sent it.
        The platter filled with sweet pomegranates was sent by Allah from jannah ❤
        That’s why I love pomegranate more 💖


      2. SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah!
        Thank you for sharing this story with me. Love to gather such kind of stories.😍😍😍🥰

        Never thought to repost my old content but definitely will give it a try one day.


      3. I will try. Already there are so many half-written items in my draft session. When the post becomes too lengthy, I split it into parts, and then almost forget to publish them lol.


  2. My dead Rabia, I am never bored to read you n tune back saying whatever you say yes we too have LOLz but true we gave pomegranate trees in our form. I loved your narration of your childhood love for fruit plants. 😇🧡


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