What is the word for the sound of wind in trees?

Today, I am going to tell you an interesting story that I have heard recently. This is a story of a man named Nasruddin who liked to spend some time under a huge oak tree. An oak tree that happened to be near a field of melons.

He used to question himself while resting under the shade of that huge oak tree and mumbled in silence that everyone believes that…

“The Creator has a grand plan, but if I look closely at this majestic Oak tree which has very small acorns as compared to these angular melon plants with their huge bulky fruits. I think the Creator has made a mistake on this one.”

He was just thinking about this that all of a sudden an acorn fell precisely on his nose and he cried in pain by saying that

“Oh my God! Now I understand the wisdom of the Creator!”

The above story has nothing to do with this post but we should remember, that there is always a spiritual message hidden in every moral story. In this story, we learned in a very witty style from a man called Nasruddin that everything on this planet is made on purpose and there is a reason for our existence.

The tree which moves some to tears of joy

Now coming to the real topic, I would like to say that we find comfort only in the beauty of others, in the poetry of others and so we keep on living torn up between the brief explosions of solitude and self-realization which taste like opium, a kind of drug that when excessively taken can give you a blurred vision or sometimes even hallucination.

We are people rinsed by dreams and the tree which moves some to tears of pure joy is in the opinion of others is merely a green thing that stands in their mighty way.

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way.  Some see Nature as all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all.  But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself.”
–  William Blake, 1799, The Letters    

We tend to fall in love with the little things about nature, like the sound of wind in the trees and the way their branches moves over us in a swinging fashion and hence protecting us from the direct rays of sunlight.

What is the word for the sound of wind in trees?

The sound of wind blowing through the trees is mesmerising and have the power to bring our childhood memories back. Through ages, people have invented many words to describe their favourite sounds.

The sound of the wind is so appealing that when it pass or encounter any obstacle, it is known as the Eolian sound as described in Britannica.

Similarly, there is also a word for the sound of wind in the trees and the rustling of leaves. It comes from the Greek word psithuros means whispering.

Psithurism is the word described by many tree enthusiasts when the wind blows through the trees and produced a rustling sound.

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Psithurism is a very difficult word to pronounce if you are not familiar with silent words. There is an explanation for pronouncing weird words in the English language. It should be kept in mind that “p” at the start of psithurism is silent as can be mostly seen with the words that usually start with “ps”. Hence, the psithurism word is pronounced as sith-err-iz-um.

All conversation begins under the shade of trees.

I like trees in their most vulnerable form when they are busy gossiping happily with their neighbour trees and swaying their branches in full rhythm.

To conclude, I would say that that the powerful way of healing and restoring energy is by listening to the sound of nature. Spending time with trees reduces blood pressure and relieves stress and anxiety as it is rightly said all good conversations begin under the shade of trees.

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